Q: When are EIV users required to fill out a new Form HUD-52676?
A: A new Form HUD-52676, EIV System User Access Authorization and Rules of Behavior and User Agreement is required for: • New EIV System Users • Modification to existing EIV System User’s access, (adding additional user role(s)), or removing user role(s) no longer required to perform job duties in EIV. • EIV System user’s access is re-instated or terminated.

Q: When should a PHA use the Existing Tenant Search Module in EIV?
A: PHA’s are required to perform an Existing Tenant Search prior to admissions as part of the screening process for applicants.

Q: Are applicants responsible for paying back a debt that was not reported in EIV?
A: PHA’s are required to use EIV in its entity and to report all debts owed into the Debt’s Owed Module. In instances where the debt was not reported PHA’s should adhere to their administrative plan policies.