Welcome to EIV Solve. We’re so glad you’re here! We are the HUD experts. We know how difficult it can be when a property fails an MOR inspection due to excessive findings. We also know how stressful it can be when a property is understaffed or undertrained and there just simply aren't enough hours in the day to get files in order. That’s where we come in.
We have been helping Owner/Agents for over 20 years. We have a proven track record in all facets of the property management industry and a particular expertise in working with agency partners such as CTCAC, HUD, CAHI, CalHFA and SHRA. We have heard and seen it all which is why we know there is a real need for a solution.
Our goals is to optimize and automate the entire EIV process. We love when properties pass inspections with flying colors. It saves time, money and resources. We believe in enabling and empower site staff with all the tools they need to be successful. We want to give them their precious time back so that they can focus on better serving their communities.

As HUD property owners ourselves, we understand the impact penalties can have on annual revenue goals. It is not fun at all when targets are missed. That’s why we give you our corporate guarantee that when you use EIV Solve, there will be no more penalties, missed deadlines, or MOR findings.
We are committed to changing the industry by providing tools and resources. EIV Solves believes firmly in working smarter, not harder. We can’t wait for you to join us!

- Aileen Lewis CEO and Founder